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I spent Thursday brooding over how Eiri's dark magic changed me from my normal body into one that is probably not how I am supposed to look after my magic becomes stronger. I thought his spell would've been broken after we defeated him but to no avail I am not able to change back. No magic potions or spells can change me back to the way I was before.

Wendy told me that my change may have been from Eiri's influence but the spell not wearing off after his defeat is probably just my body finally maturing to catch up with my magic. But I don't think that's the case as I still make horrible mistakes and I barely can create a potion without it blowing up in my face. I don't know what I can do about this. I just feel strange and useless. 

This body of mine has become troublesome too, I can barely fit into any of my old clothes and the ones that I can fit are often snug around my bust area. I might have to go ask Princess Linnea to make me some more clothes or alter the ones I have. I really don't want to go out in public like this...what if people become afraid of me?

I just feel so out of place...

The only highlight of my day was meeting VirtualAna who told me that while I was teeny before that it was time I got a bust and hips. I was shy about it and told her that no one would like me like this. But to my surprise...she told me I worried too much and called me...well she called me Sere.

No one ever calls me that...I know it's just another shorter way to say my name but I am in shock! It was so weird yet comforting to know that Miss Ana thinks of me as someone to be comfortable to give me a nickname. I was flattered and I did cry because I was so ashamed at what happened when I was under Eiri's control. She told me it wasn't my fault and comforted me.

After I calmed down when I went home, I sent Senon out to drop a message off to Ana. I wanted to thank her so much for all she had done to cheer me up. What better way was to invite her over for magical tea and pastries. Needless to say a few minutes later Senon came back a little miffed. 

But after he arrived so did Ana! I was overjoyed to see her come for a visit. She is rather a nice person. So we sat down for tea and while I told her it was ok for her to punish Senon for being a mischievous cat I was preparing the tea using magic. I wasn't making a mistake at all until I heard her tell me that magic made her uneasy. Needless to say I made a mistake and everything began flying around the room and into walls.

Thank goodness that Senon was able to stop it before it got worse. So I excused myself to the kitchen and prepared more tea and pastries. I did hear Senon and Ana talking but I didn't pay any mind to it. They even went outside to play together but came back in rather scared almost...

So I talked with Ana more and right when I turned my back there was something strange looking into the window. Ana alerted me to it and when I turned around it was gone. But the figure had gotten into my house and was eating the muffins I made! Ana caught him and pinned him against the wall asking him who and where he was from. After that...well it got weird from there.

Apparently there are more Lapine Humanoids around but they're hiding because they're afraid of the surface world people. It's rather sad but I do know the bunny boy who is named Jack actually has taken a small liking to Ana which is just so cute! I do hope they get along because friends are always fun.

I should be going now, I have some things to do and figure out a new spell to change me back to normal. I seriously hate having this weird body type.

See ya,
Serena The Witch


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Serena Hart
Greetings, My name is Serena! I'm a young witch in training and I am currently learning how to use my magic properly. I helped the people of Onen and Chronophontia in the battle with Queen Athena.
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